Water is life. And for us, not just any water, but clean and pure water. Here at Aquajudge.com, we understand that quite well, and that’s why we’re here – to help you learn the best ways to purify water for home use.

Who We Are

At Aquajudge.com, we offer water purification and filtration tips to help you improve the quality of your water. We believe clean water is one of the most important components of healthy living and overall well-being.

We will help you get the information you need to clean your water dispenser, fix leaks, filter, and purify water. We’ll also take you through guides to help you purchase the best water purification and filtration products with ease.

Our content is up to date, accurate and continuously reviewed by experts to accommodate changes in this field. We also have a team committed to high standards of accuracy, objectivity, and relevancy in content coverage.

Our Mission

We aim to feed you with authentic information so that you can make decisions on your own. We will help you get the best solutions for your water demands. We also hope you’ll get the answers you seek from our informational posts.

We also aim to help you handle all kinds of cooling, filtering, softening, and repairing issues with ease, and if possible, without involving a professional. Our sole focus is to provide you with best-in-class water filtration and purification tips so that you can enjoy great-tasting healthy water.

We offer must-have information to help you and your family get clean and pure water at all times.

Product Reviews

Our product reviews are based on research and cover everything about individual products. We’ve come up with exclusive reviews and excellently written blogs with tips and tricks to help you make an informed decision.

Our well-structured research framework will help you filter the best product and save you time. Detailed analysis in our product reviews reveal the true nature of each reviewed product. We don’t sugar coat.

How We Do It

To get the best products, we sift through brand websites, hundreds of videos, online reviews, journals, and original consumer reports to compare and analyze features.

For reliable information on water purification and filtration, we carry out detailed online research, read journals on these topics and magazines as well. We also reach out to experts in this field for guidance.

Sponsored by Anyone?

No, we are not sponsored by any manufacturer. Our reviews are independent and totally unbiased. If you visit links in our content, we may get a commission should you make a purchase. We don’t receive any compensation or consideration for our recommendations.

Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone is welcome at Aquajudge.com’s table. People of all genders, races, religions, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and abilities. We strive to be the best resource for everyone.

It’s our mission to create an inclusive community where everyone can learn without negative concerns. We are not perfect, but we try to get more right than wrong.

Meet Aqua Judge Team

Dr. Peter Gleick – Senior Writer

owner aqua judge.com

Before joining our team, Dr. Peter worked in a water treatment plant where he was responsible for supervising the installation of water purification equipment. He was also involved in performing water quality analysis testing.

He has profound knowledge of water treatment and a high interest in protecting the environment. He has been in the frontline supporting brigades whose mission is to ensure that everyone gets clean, safe, and healthy water.

He has been writing for Aquajudge.com since its inception and creates engaging, original, and accurate content that is free of ethical concerns. He is also an avid reader who likes studying during his free time.

He is a pro in this field and provides advice on different methods of water purification. His well-researched content is highly informative and insightful.

Today, Dr. Peter Gleick continues to write about water purification and filtration for Aquajudge.com and other publications.


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