Water Dispenser Vs. Bottled Water Cost

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A reliable, clean, and pure water source that is free of health concerns and easily accessible is essential to daily life. However, today with so many options, choosing your home water supply can be quite a hustle.

Although it’s important to drink as much water as possible every day, the form you consume the water is equally something you need to consider. For example, if you’ve been getting water from a single-use plastic bottle, there are environmental and financial costs you are paying, and you may not be aware of it.

The costs associated with bottled water are broad and might thus be a little confusing to you. What is included in these costs? Will you be responsible for maintenance? What about the delivery fee?

In this post, we will find out which is the better choice between a water dispenser and bottled water from a cost perspective.

The Cost of Bottled Water

In exploring the actual cost of bottled water, we first have to look at financial costs. On average, a 16-ounce water bottle costs approximately 70 cents. The unit price is therefore approximately, 4 cents.

But did you know that the water itself only counts for less than $0.00001? The rest is the cost of bottle production, including marketing, packaging, and other factors that increase the price.

At face value, what you spend on bottled water may seem tiny, but when compared to other sustainable options, you’ll be surprised to learn just how much you spent on bottled water per year.

Statistics (bottled water statistics) from 2018 showed that consumers spent $18.5 billion on bottled water.

Average Annual Bottled Water Cost

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, men should consume about 125 ounces of fluid per day and women about 91-ounces. 20 % of this consumption comes from food and 80% from beverages. Therefore, let’s assume that men take 100 ounces of water per day and women 73.

Using 4 cents per 16-ounce bottle, you’ll spend the following per year on bottled water:

Men: 4 cents per ounce ounce x 100 ounces daily = $4 per day. That is $1460 per year

Women: 4 cents per ounce x 73 ounces daily =$2.9 per day. That’s $1,065.80 per year.

And remember, these calculations are conservative, i.e., assuming you buy in bulk. So, for example, if you purchased water bottle after bottle or only drink premium brands, you would pay more.

Bottled Water Delivery Cost

To get the total cost of bottled water, you also have to factor in the price of water delivery per gallon as well. So for each gallon of water, expect to pay around $1.20 to $5 per gallon.

If you want to pay a lower price, ensure that you order for a larger delivery. Another thing to note is that the type of water also influences the cost.

The water is usually delivered in 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles.

Bottled Water Delivery Cost by Water Type

Distilled Water Cost

You’ll get distilled water delivered to your door at the cost of between $5 and $15. So this is actually the most affordable option.

The water is made by boiling water into vapor, a process that removes impurities and contaminants. The steam is condensed back into liquid.

Spring Water Cost

It will cost you about $5 to $20 to get bottled spring water delivered to your home. This water is sourced from a natural spring and bottled from the source.

This water has no minimum mineral requirements meaning that its exact mineral content varies. You’ll therefore enjoy the pure and natural qualities of the water.

Mineral Water Cost

Just like spring water, you’ll spend between $5 and $20 to get bottled mineral water delivered to you. This water is sourced from a well or spring and contains a constant amount of minerals.

Official regulations require that this water must contain at least 250 ppm of trace minerals. The minerals give the water a unique taste and health advantage.

Artesian Water Cost

Bottled artesian water can be delivered to your household for $5 to $20 each. This water is sourced from wells tapping into underground aquifers (natural) where the water is above the aquifer’s top.

The water is naturally filtered and, just like spring water, it contains different minerals and has different tastes.

Determining Your Bottled Water Costs

The best way to determine the much your household spends on bottled water is by adding the total cost of the bottled water used per week, then multiplying it by 52. This will give you an idea of how much the bottled water is costing you.

The Cost of Water Dispensers

Purchasing a water dispenser will cost you between $9 and $400. The price depends on different factors, including the brand, type, and features. If looking for a water dispenser with advanced features like child locks and coffee makers, among others, be ready to pay a higher price.

Water Dispenser Cost by Type

Electric Water Dispenser

If interested in a space-saving water dispenser, an electric water dispenser is the best option. These dispensers cost between $9 and $16 hence very affordable.

The dispenser fits on any 2 or 5-gallon water bottle and pumps the water out.

Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser

Just like the word suggests, you slide the water gallon into the bottom. As a result, these dispensers appear cleaner, classy, and less bulky.

A bottom-loading dispenser will cost you between $150 and $400.

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

These dispensers are available as bottleless, top load, and bottom load dispensers. To get one for your home, you’ll spend between $50 and $250.

Childproof Water Dispenser

Childproof water dispensers are the best for individuals with kids. With one, you are assured that your little one is safe from dangerous slips from spilled water.

To get this dispenser, be ready to part with around $150 to $400.

Water Dispenser and Coffee Maker

With this dispenser, you’ll not only enjoy refreshing water but also brew a cup of coffee when you so want. And yes, you can prepare tea with this machine as well.

To get one for your family, you’ll spend between $150 and $400.

Bottleless Water Dispenser

Bottleless water dispensers start at around $300. Although expensive, these dispensers are the real deal. With one, you won’t have to deal with plastic bottles or jugs.

They are an environmentally friendly option, as they don’t require plastic bottles to operate. In addition, should you get this dispenser, you won’t have to worry about the delivery cost and interruptions or where to store the large water gallons.

Is a Water Dispenser Better Than Bottled Water?

Yes. A water dispenser provides clean filtered water and is cheaper than bottled water in the long run. If you do your calculations right, you’ll realize that you spend a lot on bottled water than you would if you got a water dispenser.

Get a bottleless water dispenser on amazon, and you won’t spend a coin on water delivery. Do you know that an average household spends $30 to $60 on water delivery services? How big is your family? How much do you think you’ll save if you were to get a water dispenser and do away with bottled water?

Although the upfront price of the dispenser might appear huge, it’s much worth it, especially if you consider going after a point-of-use water dispenser. You won’t have to worry about anything else after buying one. All you’ll have to do is replace the filters, which is usually after 6 months or yearly.


Having access to clean water needs to be an affordable option for every family. Why spend hundreds of dollars on bottled water while you can still get water of the same or better quality at an affordable price? If your budget allows it, go for a bottleless water dispenser on amazon. It’ll save you lots of money in the long run!

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